Episode IV, The Madness Continues

This week Brad, Ben, and Tony return to the studio for the first of four new shows. Has the wild success of the first three weeks gone to their heads? You bet. Has their experience behind the mic made them into highly qualified professionals, ready and able to deliver premium content to hungry internet listeners everywhere?


But listen anyway. They’ve got their hearts set on it.

Discussed: SLTM’s Last Review, The Indifference Of Local Media to Such Clearly Innovative Content, Steve Jiff of Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans on 106.3 FM REAL ROCK RADIO Racine is Publicly Slandered, Record Review Service, Rick Simms’ New Band, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Chrome Pistola
Album: Information War
Track: Country Girl
Website: www.chromepistola.com

7 thoughts on “Episode IV, The Madness Continues”

  1. I am going to listen to this episode, and if I am slandered like you say. Well then watch out, cause Racine is going to hear about how crappy your PODCAST is. Podcast? Is that the same as “No one is listening”? HA HA

    Steve Jiff of Jiff’s Morning Shennanigans ON Racine’s Own 106.3 FM

  2. I like it……..and tryin to relay it to many others……because….if I like it……so should they……..alroy

  3. Well, I listened to the show and although there is no mention of me, I would still like to sue the hell out of you three for wasting my time with this crap. do you really think that people are going to want to listen to you guys carp on about nothing for half an Hour when there is REAL ROCK RADIO out there? Especially in Racine where they can pick up the 50,000 Watt Mighty WFRT 106.3 FM featuring Jiff’s Morning Shennanigans from 5 to 9 am.

    THE Jiffster!

  4. Okay, I didnt really listen to the first show, My assistant did. Luann said that there wasnt any mention of me. So I trust her, but if I find out there is anything negative about Me STEVE JIFF, or the Morning Shennanigan’s not only will I will I throw a hot cup of coffee on my assistant but I will also talk about FRR on the Morning Shennanigan’s on WFRT 106.3 FM RACINE (REAL ROCK RADIO).


  5. Hey there is a new POLL up on the wasteland known as the Brainpanonline Message Board. It’s in the General Discussion area. Check it out, vote and let these worthless sacks of crap know how you feel about their “SHOW” (cough, cough)

    STEVE JIFF from Jiff’s Morning Shennanigans On WFRT RACINE

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