Episode V, An Incredible Occurrence

This week’s episode begins with a grizzly on air killing that results in a complex murder mystery that gets solved by the conclusion of the program. Which member of the Fat Robot Radio team is a psychopathic killer? Who uncovers the clues of the near perfect crime, and sees the killer brought to justice? Will the show, or the world, ever be the same again? Find out in this week’s heart stopping installment!*

Discussed: Competitors’ Podcasts, CDs That Almost Make You Want To Give Up On Music Entirely, Record Review Service, The Last Three Songs On An Album, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Sinks Of Gandy
Album: Trust=Damage
Song: Medication
Website: www.sinksofgandy.com

*None of this actually occurs. Episode five is totally normal episode, and is no way heart stopping. If you are experiencing heart trouble while listening to this weeks episode of Fat Robot Radio, please contact your local emergency services immediately. Please know that by listening you agree that any trauma incurred is in no way the responsibility of Fat Robot Radio, or its parent company CCC Globochemical Corporation. Enjoy the Show!

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