Episode VI, The Slide To Mediocrity Begins

This week Brad, Ben, and Tony celebrate their inauguration as America’s longest running Podcast* by doing what they do best. You guessed it: Talking about Pop Culture for about half an hour. Listen to the factual inaccuracies fly** as week six of Fat Robot Radio, America’s favorite Podcast***, goes on the air!

Discussed: Music Festivals, Claw Hands, Famous People We Know, Porn Names, Unscrupulous Autograph Hounds, Record Review Service, Web Sites we like, AMAZING CONTEST GIVEAWAY, Steve Jiff’s life is threatened, and Mr. Slayer answers your questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Sloppy Meat Eaters
Album: Conditioned By the Laugh Track
Track: Napoleon
Website: www.sloppymeateaters.com

Websites We Like:

Ben: Newsarama

Brad: Bob and David / Got Futurama

Tony: A bunch of filthy Porno sites too horrible to place in print fearing the placement of our site on some sort of insidious government list.

Contest Question: Where is Tony MF from?

Mail your contest answer to contest@fatrobotradio.com. Please put the words Contest Submission in the subject line. The first five correct answers received will win a prize package consisting of whatever we have laying around handy to send. You know. CD’s and stuff. Act fast!

*Not True

**Like the thing about being the world’s longest running Podcast.

***Also not true.

One thought on “Episode VI, The Slide To Mediocrity Begins”

  1. Here are the corrections for Episode Six, I know everyone thinks that we are perfect and that there is no way we would ever mess up. Here are a few for this Episode:

    - Someone mentions that we have passed all amatuer
    records for podcasts. We are not even close. The
    record number for podcasts is 175 by Larry Wrench and
    his show Wrench, Hammer, Headache.

    - Teasers are not on the Fat Robot Radio myspace site,
    but on http://www.myspace.com/allhandsondeck5

    - Goose Island Fest is the Beer Festival Brad
    mentioned going with his girlfriend to see Soul
    Asylum. It was only a Friday/Saturday festival.

    - Bill Tuttle was the baseball player from Farmington
    whom Brad mentioned as a famous person from his home
    town. Tuttle played Major League Baseball from 1952 to

    - There are no women porn stars named MY Pussy Screams
    as Brad declares. We haven’t watched all porno, but we
    have never heard that name mentioned. Kenny
    Chainsmoker Williams from the High Society of
    Chainsmoking Irregulars has also never heard that name
    in any pornographic material he has seen or read.

    - We don’t think there is anything like a guantlent in
    Magic the Gathering Cards. (Ben, Do you know if there
    are such a thing in Magic cards?)

    - Brad Says that David Cross is fueding with Larry the
    Cable guy. No one says Fuedin’ anymore.

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