An Open Letter To Steve Jiff

Mr Steve Jiff,

There have been a lot of harsh words exchanged between the cast and staff of Fat Robot Radio, and Mr Steve Jiff, of Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans. Hurtful things have been said on both sides. I know I have made, in the heat of the moment, a score of rash comments that I didn’t mean, and I am sure that Mr Jiff probably feels the same way. Rivalries of this nature often spiral out of control and become irrational very quickly, and in the end only the people get hurt. I’m sure Steve Jiff is an honest and forthright man, possessed of a hearty spirit and many fine qualities, as are all the citizens of Racine, Wisconsin. When I said that he was, “scum sucking vermin” that could “go to hell and die for all I care,” I was acting out of anger. It was wrong, and I apologize. I’m sure that when Tony threatened to, “cave Jiff’s empty F#@&ing head in with a F#@&ing tire iron” he didn’t mean it. No violence has ever been perpetrated on Mr Jiff, other than violence of the heart. This ends today.

This is why we at Fat Robot Radio would like to invite you, Mr Steve Jiff, to be a part of our next program as our very first guest host. It would be our honor to have you. Let’s bury the hatchet, for real this time. Not like the time one of your production assistants buried a fireman’s ax into the trunk of my car.

Hope to see you at the next taping,

Benjamin Phillips, Co-Founder, Fat Robot Omnimedia Inc.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Steve Jiff”

  1. It will be an honor and a priviledge to be at the next taping of Fat Robot Radio. I would also like to apologize for when I said that FRR was a “waste of time, resources, and money and that no one should ever give it a second of their time unless they immediatly wanted to be turned into a drooling retard”. I said that out of hurt and jealousy. Why jealousy? Cause you guys get to do so many things on FRR that I can’t on REAL ROCK RADIO, like cuss. So thank you for the invitation and I will be there for the taping of the next episode as your very special Guest Host.

    106.3 FM

  2. I think im gonna cry,… or puke, i can never really tell till it happens if itll be puke or tears. sometimes its shit, and boy is that rough,.. but thats another story. anyway,.. what was i talking about? oh yeah! When is the next episode? im gonna want to here this. do you remember that time,….. MAN im hungry! i wish my stupid dog would quit barking. i wonder what he wants to eat? i used to have a cat. i wonder what happened to that thing? fantastic four sucked. am i still typing?

  3. I agree A, Brad is rather drab to me too. Course he is cool enough to let us sing on FRR so that far out weighs the boring stories about his favorite sandwich. It’s ham and swiss cheese on rye ,by the way.

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