Brad Bugos Returns

Looks like Brad is back on the map. Here is note from him:

I remember the first time I tasted alcohol, I was fifteen years old hanging out with my older brother and another dude who was a few years older than him. We were in his Camaro on the backroads in my home town, when the oldest dude, Chuck, stopped the car and my brother Chad passed around the warm old Milwaukee cans. It tasted horrible, and I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to drink again. I could only get about half of the warm,stale beer down. It would seem to most intelligent people that the horrible taste coupled with the warmth of the beer would have scared most people away from ever drinking again. Not Me. You see, it started a life long problem I like to call “NO, I HAVE NOT had enough to drink, now mind your own business”. Alcohol to me has always been “the solution to and the cause of all of lifes problems”. It tastes great, makes me more intelligent and invulnerable to criticism. It also makes the women I meet incredibly fun and interesting. So why did I stop? Why did I seek help if I was having so much fun? The answer is I had to after the incident last July 4th. Although help wouldn’t come until August 12th, the 4th was what made me realize that even though I was having fun others weren’t. July 4th started out like most Celebrations of Our Nations Birthday, with alcohol. I got pretty drunk by noon and was in no shape to be even standing up. Although I won’t go into details of what happened that day I will say, again, that I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been messing around with the gasoline while lighting fireworks, and I am sorry others got hurt. I’ve apologized profusely to my long time friend Barry. It was a bad deal, one in which I realized the next day that my drinking had something to do with. I tried to stop tipping the bottle after that, but I think I knew that the end had to be near when I threw up at the IGA all over the red cabbage. I was embarassed, even more so when I noticed I wet myself when I threw up so hard. It was time for help, and I got it. I went into rehab on August 12th, with the help of many friends and family. I feel much better now and I have so many people to think for it. First off Thanks to Ben and Tony MF for all the support and help. Sorry Ben that I knocked on your door at 3am that one night and then pissed all over your door. Also thanks to my long suffering girlfriend Lawanda, your the best baby.Thanks for waiting for me. I hope now to move forward, upwards and onwards. More Fat Robot Radio episodes to follow along with some very strong Episodes of SLTM The Podcast. It’s been a long trip, sometimes very difficult, but I feel better and am ready to get back to work. Thanks for all the support, now if I can just get my anger problem under control, I’ll be flying high. Warm Regards Brad Bugos Somewhere in the Deserts of Arizona

This probably means more Fat Robot Radio soon. I’ll post more news as I get it.

2 thoughts on “Brad Bugos Returns”

  1. Hooray Brad is Back. This is certainly Good News for everyone including the Podcasting Community that has so far ignored FRR. I am so happy you are happy and healthy at last B. Good Luck in the future with both podcasts, stay healthy and be wonderful. I’ll be listening and enjoying the wonderful discussions on FRR. Keep up the Good Work.

    It’s a shame email can’t detect sarcasm.
    Drop Dead Losers!

  2. Oh Steve, you crazy bastard. If you weren’t so damn funny I’d would have pushed you off that bridge along time ago. Keep in touch, and don’t forget to wipe!!! HA HA HARR!

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