Episode XXIX: Yes We Are Still A Podcast

This week Fat Robot Radio returns, IN ZOMBIE FORM! Listen to the guys discuss their love of brains, tips on walking slowly, and their disinclination to have their heads removed. WILD TIMES AMERICA!

That’s a lie. The cast of Fat Robot Radio is not the living dead. They do not regularly eat brains, and so it is not therefore acceptable to shoot them in the face with shotguns or cave their monster heads in with a shovel. They are not monsters, at least not in horror movie sense. They are people. People with feelings. Show some respect America.


Discussed: Thumb In Ass, Marrying Your Cousin, Phil Spector Is Crazy And May Have Killed John Lennon, Memorials, Customer Service, All Hands On Deck, Record Review Service, Too Much Crap, Dumb Questions, The Real Story Behind Steve Jiff’s Book Reading, “The Single Guy”, Surreal Moments, Newspaper Columns That Are Not Funny, Boring Us With The Details, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Kjehl Johansen
Album: Pie Man Vs The Lightbulb Men.
Track: I’m Having A Total Fiasco.
Website: aveburyrecords.com/kjehl/

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