Episode XXXVI: One More For The Pile

This this episode, the entire world comes to an end. All the events and human achievements the world has ever known, along with all living life on the planet, is blinked out of existence in an instant, with absolutely no warning. The entire planet explodes in a giant fireball, throwing the orbit of all celestial masses in our part of the solar system into disarray. Only tiny bits of rock remain to fill our former seat in the vast emptiness of space.

The Fat Robot gang doesn’t really talk about it though. It’s pretty much business as usual around there. But really, when the world ends, do you want to run around screaming in the street like some kind of jackass, or go our with a little style. If screaming isn’t really your thing, then give a listen to this episode of FAT ROBOT RADIO.

Discussed: Brad’s Brilliant Game Idea, Tons of Other Video Game Talk, Record Review Service – Eventually, Don’t Throw The Bathwater Out With The Baby, The Best Tony’s Porno Roundup Ever

Record Review

Artist: Handshake Murders
Track: Dissector
Album: Usurper
Website: thehandshakemurders.com

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