Episode XXXVIII: What the Hell Does XXXVIII Mean Anyway?

In this episode, Tootie’s father comes for a visit and doesn’t like the activities that Tootie is being exposed to. In particular, he is not pleased that Tootie wants to go to beauty school. Believing that Mrs. Garrett is a bad influence, Mr. Ramsey decides to have Tootie transfer out of Eastland.

Wait. That’s the tv.com description of an episode of The Facts of Life. Apologies from the management.


Discussed: Brad’s Midlife Crisis, Old Man Time: Reminiscences of a Podcasting Crew, Hypothetical Question Time, Is It Gay, Will Ferrell, Good Actors Who Make Crap, The Tony MF Rule of Comedy, The Fat Robot Center for Cultural Advancement Presents, Tony’s Porno Roundup, The King of Kong, Illinois Chat – Including Tales of the 2 Story Outhouse, Record Review Service

Record Review:

Artist: Dan Baird
Album: Buffalo Nickel
Track: Younger Face
Website: danbaird.net

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