Episode XXXIX: Double Beard Action

This week, the Fat Robot Radio gang, says goodbye to the thirties, and looks optimistically forward to the roaring Forties. Meanwhile, sinister forces plot to destroy them. Enjoy.

FAT ROBOT RADIO: One Transmitter Away From Being Real Radio

Discussed: Brad Beats His Meat and Assaults a Naked Man in a Bathroom, Things That Hold Up, Fan Fiction, Record Review Service, What Tony Has Learned From El Duce, Dice, or Willie D, CDs We Are Embarrassed We Don’t Have, Tony’s Porno Round Up

Record Review

Artist: The Sound Of Urchin
Album: The Diamond
Track: There Are People in the Clouds
Website: soundofurchin.com

One thought on “Episode XXXIX: Double Beard Action”

  1. you guys suck especially anyone that owns a huey lewis and the fags cd chop em up tony. lay off tony for having egyptian lover you guys probably own prince cds so fuck you and we killed the motherfucker dead that gave him the egyptian lover cd. slayer kills you guys should be embarrassed for not having all of them SLAUER!!


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