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This week, nothing really happens. Just a regular episode of the podcast. No big deal. If you like this podcast, then you’ll like this episode, if you don’t then something is wrong with your brain. Actually, that was mean. I’m sure your brain is fine. Perhaps you like lighter fare, like the Little Mermaid. And that’s fine. The adventures of Arial, and her little Crab friend, and their battle against the evil Ursula, is an animated classic, though I do find her conversion from mermaid to actual legged person a little disturbing. I mean, how does she know how to walk? And why does that prince want to have sex with a fish so badly? Eerie.

Discussed: Tony Watches Stephen Segal Movies, Newsies, What is the Point of White Men Can’t Jump, Good TV Show Theme Songs, People We’ve Had an Assfull Of, Defining What You Like, Record Review Service, Things That Should Be Bigger, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: Monster Magnet
Album: Four Way Diablo
Track: Four Way Diablo
Website: monstermagnet.net

3 thoughts on “EPISODE XL: GOD DAMN”

  1. whats up with your websirte i dant download or listen to the podcast probably just you guys gays listening to duran duran so why do i care. i tell you why someone was talking about doing the little mermaid. i gots to know – tony i know you got some good storeies about doing a mermaid or fish- tommy motherfucker

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