Episode XLII: Who The Hell Even Knows Their Roman Numerals This High Anyway?

This week, from a super compacted gravity bundle containing all matter in the universe, explodes in a wondrous flash the majestic birth of all creation. Expanding at the speed of light, energy will begin to coalesce and form vast starscapes, and planets, and eventually, life itself. It should be a good time.

Discussed: Radio Format Changes, Reading Sucks/Is Awesome, Bad Movies, We Discuss Christan Bale in Newsies – Forgetting That We’ve Already Talked About It Before, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Record Review Service, Someone Brings Brad Porn At Work, Corrections Invonving Hooperman, Further Sitcom Talk, Talk Show DVD Requests, CD Prices, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: The New Anxiety
Album: …-..-…..-..
Track: The City Is Sinking
Website: myspace.com/thenewanxiety

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