Episode XLV: Oh That’s Right, We Have a Podcast

This week the gang returns from their hiatus refreshed, bright eyed, and bushy tailed, and ready to rock the podcast word once again! Like Drops? Oh we have them. Like talk about vomiting in public? Then you’ll love it here.

So strap in, (though into what I don’t know), and get ready for a piping hot new episode of Fat Robot Radio.

Discussed: Listener Questions, Ben Tells a Heart Warming Story, Record Review Service, A Christmas Medley from All Hands On Deck, Old School Stereos, Bands Who Are About To Break Up, Chinese Democracy, Ben Talks About Weezer Again, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Bible of the Devil
Album: Freedom Metal
Track: Hijack The Night
Website: bibleofthedevil.com

One thought on “Episode XLV: Oh That’s Right, We Have a Podcast”

  1. ok happybrithday tony i bought you 4 steelies but i drank 4 steelies and left you the empies on the back step. i pissed on my roommates bed in college cause i was jack daniels drunk and he left me a note to clean it up like hell i did i got up a drank another fith. anyway i’ve shit my pants at work too its no big deal but it does suck.

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