A New Era of Fat Robot Radio Begins With #48

Welcome to a brand new era in podcasting. With the three year anniversary of Fat Robot Radio fast approaching we present a brand new direction for the show.  Musical Chairs! That’s right we all dance around, wait for the music to stop, fall on the floor and laugh.

Discussed this Episode: Where the hell is Brad? and should anyone care? Brad’s Dead? Good. Why some people (pathetic people) fake their own death for attention, Brad’s Desperate cry for attention while everyone else is too busy laughing at the dancing monkey reading his stupid porno magazine, Desert Island Dicks, Record Review Service and Tony’s Porno Roundup.

Record Review Service:

Band: Gaza Strippers

Song: Throttle Bottom

Album: Laced Candy

BS – Don’t forget to check out some special Record Review Service and TONY MF Clips on our myspace site – FRR ON MYSPACE

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