NEW EPISODES and Three Years of Podcasting

Brand New Episodes of Fat Robot Radio will be recorded this weekend and hopefully posted starting toward the end of May.  We will be celebrating three years of Podcasting and we hope you tune in and listen and heck even email and share your thoughts.  Email contact information at the end of this communique.  We hope to get three new Episodes in the can.  Plus there will be some new changes afoot with the show, nothing too major but something that should help the flow of the show and make it more listenable.  No, I’m not leaving the show.

Thanks to the over 38,000 media plays (by one or two people , I’m sure) by the listeners and watchers of all the shows, cartoons and video we have posted here. Hopefully more too come in the near future.

Brad Bugos , Talent – Fat Robot Radio

contact info – Show producer Phil Chevron

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