A New Era Begins – Fat Robot Radio is on the Air!

What new Era, you may ask? Well, starting with this Episode (#49 if you are counting) the show has taken a new direction. It’s 40% more Tony MF.  With More staying power and a gigger more of  Drop Girl Michelle to spice things up.  We’ve given the hosting duties over to Ben Phillips, which gives Brad more time to think up stupid swear word combination’s and boob jokes.  So listen in, and enjoy the next three episodes.  It’s three years of Podcasting fun, with a hint of desperation.


Discussed this Episode: Favorite Comedians of all Time, Swear Words, The Female Perspective with drop Girl Michelle, Tony reads classic Literature with Beer in his mouth, and the Record Review Service.

Record Review Service

Band: Maegashira

Album: The Stark Artic

Song: Caribou Crossing

Label: Spare Change Records

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