Episode 50 – Tony MF, the Long Road Back

Not really, but I thought if I had Tony in the Header of this post that more people would be likely to check out this episode. Let’s be honest, it’s like Ricky Gervais always says about his podcast “People tune in to hear the shaven monkey”. We are the same way, I mean, Who wants to hear me talk and try to make funny comments? Who wants to hear Ben be smart and say pithy things? Who tunes in to hear well timed and appropriate drops with a feminine touch? NO ONE! We all listen to hear what the monkey will say.

So here it is, more TONY MF than you could ever want in your life. It started with Episode 49 and now continues until Episode 51.  So much TONY MF you will choke, gasp for air, spend time doubled over and then vomit.  Good Luck. I warned  you that too much of a okay thing was not an okay thing.

Discussed This Episode : Pernice Brothers Song in a Commercial, Amatuer Porn, Songs about Sex, Someone makes a comment about Tony’s Dingle , Steve Jiff’s Tip of the Day, Record Review Service and Tony reads classic literature with beer in his mouth.

Record Review Service:

Band : The Black Watch

Album : Icing the Snow Queen

Label : Eskimo Record Label

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