It’s Time for More Fat Robot Radio

Episode 54 has lots of hot talk.  There are no interviews or guest on this show, it’s just the three hosts with Drop Girl Michelle. So if you enjoy just hearing the fellas and DGM spout wisdom from their talk holes then tune in. If you were looking for more call in guests, might I suggest Steve Jiff’s New Podcast – Shenanigans, Bananagans, Funanagans on his web site or myspace.

Discussed in Episode 54 – Songs that are F’d out, What’s Slayer Doing Now?, Ratt goes Round N Round, Record Review Service returns, Tony reads more great Poetry, A few Minutes with DGM, The Title Track to Tony MF’s New CD Coffee Shop Pussy, & Philosophy from Dice, El and Wille D.

Record Review Service:

Band: Winfred E. Eye

Album: Til I Prune

Label: Antenna Farm Records

3 thoughts on “It’s Time for More Fat Robot Radio”

  1. If you would like more Coffee Shop Pussy, check out either or the newest Episode of SLTM (the Podcast) (#65) for more tracks off the new TONY MF CD.

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