It’s Time for More Nonsense from FRR

Last week we told you about the exciting opportunities in your neighborhood and how YOU could cash in on them. Well this week your “Experts” are going to dish all the secrets from their new Book If Midgets Have Gold, Why can’t we just take it from them? Tune in for this half hour (more like 53 minutes) of powerful, insightful, meaningful life fulfilling talk. You’ll learn about life, but more importantly you’ll learn¬† about yourself.¬† You won’t regret it.

(legal disclaimer – You probably will regret it)

Discussed This Episode: Contest Giveaway, Who the Fuck is Facebook?, Reunions are an Ass, And Then Came the Undertaker, Steve Jiff finds meaning in life again with his own podcast, Filthy or Famous – Female Edition, Discussion of the different types of METAL, We get Rick-Rolled by some fella called Camilionaire, Common Reasons why Men Break up and More Joey Greco Talk.

Record Review Service:

Band: Handful of Hate

Album: You Will Bleed

Song: March of Hate

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

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