Please refrain from touching yourself in public

Episode 56 of Fat Robot Radio

Topics of Discussion: Little Brothers in Movies & TV , David Cross and Bob Odenkirk- who is funnier, We Rework an old bit, Prizes that no one seems to want or care about, Tony MF’s Guide to gettin’ some action, Female Perspective with DGM, Canada’s answer to Bon Jovi, Things you don’t see anymore, and So much more.

Record Review Service:

Band: Chinese Stars

Album: Heaven on Speed Dial

Label: Anchor Brain

2 thoughts on “Please refrain from touching yourself in public”

  1. The nicest thing anyone has ever said about the show (except for Jerry at Phratry Records who has been the coolest)ever. We appreciate the feedback. Enjoy the other 55 Episodes and look forward to more shows in the coming months.

    Phil Chevron – Producer Fat Robot Radio and Sltm (the podcast)

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