Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 2

Here is a note I got after a show I saw this past weekend, the band are friends of ours and have appeared on old episodes of Fat Robot Radio (do a search for them and enjoy some of their music).


“My new band Tune Arf 150 played a sold out show at the Tastee Freeze in Norris, IL over the weekend. Never before I have ever seen so many boobies being plopped out of shirts, and that was the dudes. But seriously, it was a great show, with people singing along to our songs and any number of sluts waiting back stage to satisfy all our weird sexual needs (by the way, Jimbone loves to Dutch Ruder).”

“Since being on Fat Robot Radio over five years ago, our popularity has grown ten fold. I just wanted take time to say thanks for all the support and for the FRR Bump. Keep on Rockin’ ”

“Your friends  in Christ, Tune Arf 150″

Pretty nice words for a bunch of boys from broken homes.  So do yourself a favor, listen to this series of Fat Robot Radio Land, you might just discover the next Rex Rimbler Band.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 2 – Written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, And Drop Girl Michelle.  Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron. Edited by Brad Bugos.


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