Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 4

If you noticed, and maybe you’re too coked up to, we’ve jumped over Episode 3 in series 2. Reason being, we felt this is our strongest episode of the run and wanted to get right too it. (*editors note* someone at the offices of Fat Robot Radio is back on the pills).


So sit back and relax, pull your pants down half way if you like, get a refreshment and zone out with Series 2 Episode 4 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Featuring the Fat Robot Radio Land Players- Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, and DGM.

In this Episode: 80′s Movies, Great Moments in Sex, Cubs Bub, More 80′s Movies and This Dude Crapped


One thought on “Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 4”

  1. Is there anywhere i can seen money to? I feel like i’m pirating this gem of entertainment!!! Who knew out of 3 guys that Brad would turn out to be the interesting one? May be a first here … I agree with Brad 80′s movie Loverboy was ridiculous on all counts!

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