Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 5

Too Tired to give a shit about your aching feet? Ear’s swelled from the latest Jim Bowie Concert? Well, take a double dose of Fat Robot Radio Land, with a shot of rum, sit in your favorite chair and manhandle your junk (or junket if you’re a woman).

Episode 5 is not the last episode to post in Series 2. We skipped over Episode 3 so we could post it last because someone just got out of jail (juvy) and we wanted him to be there to record one of his favorite pieces for it.

Thanks for checking out Fat Robot Radio Land. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay. Come back for Episode 3 and sometime this fall Series 3.


The Fat Robot Radio Land Players are: Ben Phillips, Tony MF, DGM , and Brad Bugos.

Topics in Episode 5: Jim Belushi, Kids are Horseshit, Tony’s Poetry and All Hands on Deck Stops by for a little song.

One thought on “Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 5”

  1. Is there really anyone who enjoys this ear shit? Brad has to be the mastermind behind this torture… Who else would think that was worthy of any one’s time. Truly Brad is more entertaining while eating!!!

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