The Last Episode of Fat Robot Radio Land…..Ever!

We know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this one. It’s the third Episode of Fat Robot Radio Land. We skipped over it because we had some technical problems with it, but that got straightened out and here it is in all it’s hilariously nonsensical fervor.


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 3

Written and conceived by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips and Tony MF.

With additional help and material from DGM

Produced and Edited by Brad Bugos

Co-Produced by Phil Chevron

Thanks for listening to Fat Robot Radio, we will see you in heaven or hell if you’re cool and like to party.

One thought on “The Last Episode of Fat Robot Radio Land…..Ever!”

  1. I’m absolutely floored that this podcast ended!!! Where else can you find a collective group of weird guys talking about absolute Shit ? Their sports talk might have put me in coma . Had i not been pinching myself to keep from fading out so i could leave this comment ! Then luck being my saving grace i noticed i could turn the shit off and still leave a comment!! :) Back to the drawing board guys!! Brad you have flushed better shit down the toilet !!!

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