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And so it ends here, another fine run of Fat Robot Radio Land

This might be the last episode in Series 3 of Fat Robot Radio Land and it might be the last you hear from our comedy troupe, Blood in Stool, but don’t fret. We’ll be back with more great nonsense for you to gather around your computer and listen to. Why? Cause we don’t have stable home life’s and we really don’t have much else. Love us, please?

The Fat Robot Radio Players have been: Drop Girl Michelle, Ben Phillips, Tony MF and Brad Bugos.

This episode was written,edited, produced and handled by Brad Bugos
Co-produced by Phil Chevron
Co-written by Tony MF, Ben Phillips, and DGM

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 3 Episode 4

I’m very fond of you, I hope you know that. If I wasn’t would I be in this dank alley with three hundred dollars trying to score you coke? No, I would be safely at home watching reruns of Space: Above and Beyond.

Alright, cut the crap, I’m here to let you know your two options. Either you listen this wonderful podcast or ……you don’t. I mean it’s a free country, we would like you to give it a listen but we can’t force ya.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 3 Episode 4 – How is this still a thing?

Written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, DGM
Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron
Edited by Brad Bugos

More Fat Robot Radio Land Series 3? Yes, Please!

The last time we spoke I told you about an exciting opportunity for you in setting up your own home waxing facility. Today I’m here to tell you about MAX CABBAGE, the home insulation kit that will keep your house running smoothly all year around. Now, think to yourself, would I like to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Would I like to save some money on my power bill? If you answered yes, then you are not like all those other idiots who said no. Now for the next five hours we’ll share stories, testimonials, and bathroom breaks, as we discover, together, THE MAX CABBAGE way.


Written by Brad Bugos, Tony MF, Ben Phillips and Drop Girl Michelle
Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron
edited by Brad Bugos

Thanks for listening, luncheon meat.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 3 Episode 2

Last time we went down this road, Old Dane Clampt was nursing a hangover and Charlie Tell told us, “Take a right turn at the Fork”. Hell, we got lost and finally ended up in Fistburg. You don’t want to go to Fistburg on a Sunday. I never spoke to anyone about that day until now. Here it is in all it’s glory, warts and all (thanks patty). It’s the story of Fistburg, brought to you by Ward’s Premium Pretzel Twists. Enjoy.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 3 Episode 2
Written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, DGM, and Tony MF
Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron
Edited by Brad Bugos

Holy Shit…..Fat Robot Radio Land is BACK!!

We were told in a team meeting yesterday that only two things could come back from the dead, your dad’s polyester suit and King Kong. Boy were they wrong. Dug up from some old moldy basement, put together with toothpaste and cum, and uploaded to the nethernet, its brand new Fat Robot Radio. The gangs all here, Tony MF, Ben, DGM, Brad and Steve Jiff. Its a cavalcade of funny.

Written by Brad Bugos, Tony MF, Ben Phillips and Drop Girl Michelle.
Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron
Edited by Brad Bugos

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Episode XLV: Oh That’s Right, We Have a Podcast

This week the gang returns from their hiatus refreshed, bright eyed, and bushy tailed, and ready to rock the podcast word once again! Like Drops? Oh we have them. Like talk about vomiting in public? Then you’ll love it here.

So strap in, (though into what I don’t know), and get ready for a piping hot new episode of Fat Robot Radio.

Discussed: Listener Questions, Ben Tells a Heart Warming Story, Record Review Service, A Christmas Medley from All Hands On Deck, Old School Stereos, Bands Who Are About To Break Up, Chinese Democracy, Ben Talks About Weezer Again, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Bible of the Devil
Album: Freedom Metal
Track: Hijack The Night


This week, we continue with another long unreleased episode Fat Robot Radio. Is it fun? OH MY GOD YES! So listen up, you foppish dandies, it’s Fat Robot Radio time. Stop what you’re doing, get comfy, and enjoy.

Discussed: That Makes Sense To Me, Baseball Movies, Record Review Service, Brads Book Report, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Far Flung
Album:A Wound in Eternity
Track:Unborn Planet


The new season kicks off with the first of two lost episodes, filled with both humor, plugs for things that never came out, and references to the fourth of July! Timely? YOU BET! There is some deeply funny stuff in there though, so settle in, kick your shoes off (unless you are in public, in which case feel free to keep them on) and get ready for America’s Least Deadly Podcast, FAT ROBOT RADIO!

Discussed: Plugging A Bunch Of Stuff That Either Never Happened or Haven’t Come Out Yet, Joe Perry Project, Ted Nugent Makes Bad Decisions, Change This Phrase, Record Review Service, Ripping on Mike Myers Some More, Fat Robot Radio Center For Cultural Advancement Presents, Dana Carvey Makes Us Briefly Sad, We Make Light Of A Few National Tragedies, Pixar Owes Us Money, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Pharoh
Album: Be Gone
Track: Rats And Rope

Danny Most On Chips as MOLOCH


That’s right America, Fat Robot Radio, while on hiatus, has brought you a super fun Best Of Show! Listen to our past glories! Relive them with us! Come on! WHY WON’T YOU RELIVE THE MEMEORIES WITH US?!?!??!?! WHAT, ARE YOU SOME KIND OF COMMUNIST?

I thought not.

So sit back and enjoy this excellent best of show. We sure did, but of course we are hopeless narcissists.

Episode XLII: Who The Hell Even Knows Their Roman Numerals This High Anyway?

This week, from a super compacted gravity bundle containing all matter in the universe, explodes in a wondrous flash the majestic birth of all creation. Expanding at the speed of light, energy will begin to coalesce and form vast starscapes, and planets, and eventually, life itself. It should be a good time.

Discussed: Radio Format Changes, Reading Sucks/Is Awesome, Bad Movies, We Discuss Christan Bale in Newsies – Forgetting That We’ve Already Talked About It Before, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Record Review Service, Someone Brings Brad Porn At Work, Corrections Invonving Hooperman, Further Sitcom Talk, Talk Show DVD Requests, CD Prices, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: The New Anxiety
Album: …-..-…..-..
Track: The City Is Sinking