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Episode XLI: We Introduce A Fun New Featured Player

This week we introduce Michelle Anderson- “THE DROP QUEEN”. This is a Can’t Miss Episode, so, you know, don’t miss it. What are drops? Listen and find out Fat Robot Fans. It’ so exciting, I just came.

Discussed: We Meet Michelle, Small Acts of Defiance, We Attack Mike Myers Again, Record Review Service, All Hands On Deck Perform, Things We’re Embarrassed We Like, Worst Movie You’ve Seen Recently, Stephen King Book Adaptations, MSNBC, We Read Listener Emails, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: Mother May I
Album: Splitsville
Track: Meet You There


*Editors Note: Podcast streaming had been down for a few days, but is now BACK UP. Enjoy.*

This week, nothing really happens. Just a regular episode of the podcast. No big deal. If you like this podcast, then you’ll like this episode, if you don’t then something is wrong with your brain. Actually, that was mean. I’m sure your brain is fine. Perhaps you like lighter fare, like the Little Mermaid. And that’s fine. The adventures of Arial, and her little Crab friend, and their battle against the evil Ursula, is an animated classic, though I do find her conversion from mermaid to actual legged person a little disturbing. I mean, how does she know how to walk? And why does that prince want to have sex with a fish so badly? Eerie.

Discussed: Tony Watches Stephen Segal Movies, Newsies, What is the Point of White Men Can’t Jump, Good TV Show Theme Songs, People We’ve Had an Assfull Of, Defining What You Like, Record Review Service, Things That Should Be Bigger, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: Monster Magnet
Album: Four Way Diablo
Track: Four Way Diablo

Episode XXXIX: Double Beard Action

This week, the Fat Robot Radio gang, says goodbye to the thirties, and looks optimistically forward to the roaring Forties. Meanwhile, sinister forces plot to destroy them. Enjoy.

FAT ROBOT RADIO: One Transmitter Away From Being Real Radio

Discussed: Brad Beats His Meat and Assaults a Naked Man in a Bathroom, Things That Hold Up, Fan Fiction, Record Review Service, What Tony Has Learned From El Duce, Dice, or Willie D, CDs We Are Embarrassed We Don’t Have, Tony’s Porno Round Up

Record Review

Artist: The Sound Of Urchin
Album: The Diamond
Track: There Are People in the Clouds

Episode XXXVIII: What the Hell Does XXXVIII Mean Anyway?

In this episode, Tootie’s father comes for a visit and doesn’t like the activities that Tootie is being exposed to. In particular, he is not pleased that Tootie wants to go to beauty school. Believing that Mrs. Garrett is a bad influence, Mr. Ramsey decides to have Tootie transfer out of Eastland.

Wait. That’s the description of an episode of The Facts of Life. Apologies from the management.


Discussed: Brad’s Midlife Crisis, Old Man Time: Reminiscences of a Podcasting Crew, Hypothetical Question Time, Is It Gay, Will Ferrell, Good Actors Who Make Crap, The Tony MF Rule of Comedy, The Fat Robot Center for Cultural Advancement Presents, Tony’s Porno Roundup, The King of Kong, Illinois Chat – Including Tales of the 2 Story Outhouse, Record Review Service

Record Review:

Artist: Dan Baird
Album: Buffalo Nickel
Track: Younger Face


This week, the Fat Robot gang gets a little too excited, and fueled with liquor and PCP, causes an international incident. Further details are to be withheld pending an investigation.


Discussed: Slayer Wins a Grammy, Guess the Song Lyric, Security, Record Review Service, The Fat Robot Radio Center for Cultural Advancement Presents, Hacks Who Have Been Around Too Long, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Fu Manchu
Track: We Must Obey
Album: We Must Obey

Episode XXXVI: One More For The Pile

This this episode, the entire world comes to an end. All the events and human achievements the world has ever known, along with all living life on the planet, is blinked out of existence in an instant, with absolutely no warning. The entire planet explodes in a giant fireball, throwing the orbit of all celestial masses in our part of the solar system into disarray. Only tiny bits of rock remain to fill our former seat in the vast emptiness of space.

The Fat Robot gang doesn’t really talk about it though. It’s pretty much business as usual around there. But really, when the world ends, do you want to run around screaming in the street like some kind of jackass, or go our with a little style. If screaming isn’t really your thing, then give a listen to this episode of FAT ROBOT RADIO.

Discussed: Brad’s Brilliant Game Idea, Tons of Other Video Game Talk, Record Review Service – Eventually, Don’t Throw The Bathwater Out With The Baby, The Best Tony’s Porno Roundup Ever

Record Review

Artist: Handshake Murders
Track: Dissector
Album: Usurper

Episode XXXV: We Reach New Levels of Greatness, And Then Go Get Tacos

This week, The Fat Robot Gang sits around and talks for about half an hour. Various little comedy bits are also undertaken. It’s about like always. You know you like it. Just press the play button. Go on. Do it. You know you want to.

Discussed: The Fastest Growing, Radio, Why the Movie AI Sucks, The Value of Oscars, Other Random Movie Talk, Record Review Service, Didja Know, The Rob Thomas Rule, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Boomhank
Track: Ishly Ghost Fly Your E & Y
Album: Passing Through
Website: Boom Hank Official Site

Episode XXXIV: It Ain’t No Crime To Be Good To Yourself

This week the gang says goodbye and good riddance to 2007. Is it fun, you bet. Will it help rescue our floundering economy? No probably not. BUT LET’S TRY ANYWAY AMERICA!

Discussed: End Of The Year Lists, Fantasy Lunch, New Stuff For 2008, Record Review Service, Laziness, What Would El Duce, Dice, or Willie Dee Do: Advice From Tony MF, Who Would You Like To See More Of, Well Timed Death, Tony’s Porno Round Up

Record Review:

Artist: Stobo
Album: Stobo
Track: Love In The Higher Sense

Episode XXXIII: Thirty-Three Episodes of Mad Capped Fun

This week the Fat Robot gang break the WGA strike lines and put on a good ole’ fashioned radio show. So cuddle up to your crystal radios, put the evil specter of fascism out of your mind, and get ready for a real hoot of a time.


Discussed: The Funeral of Mr. Slayer, Joey Greco and The Phenomenon That is Cheaters, “The Official”, Made, Things We are Looking Forward To, Record Review Service, Covering Albums, all Hands On Deck Performs, Brad’s Big News, One Job We’d Do Again, We Make Various Pleas for Human Contact, Props, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review:

Artist: Mountain
Album: Masters of War
Track: Masters of War