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EPISODE XXXII: The Fun Becomes Almost Too Much Fun

This week, the Fat Robot gang…


Bust out the straw hats and the banjos, the moonshine and the Astroglide. The party* begins right now.

*The party, meaning, you know, just a normal episode. No ho-down. Sorry.

Discussed: The Anatomy of Tony Brain, Cliffhangers (Not the R. Kelly kind. Real Cliffhangers), The Infeasability of Sex in Public Restrooms, Revisiting Old CD’s, Record Review Service, Norm Macdonald, We Plead for Emails, All Hands On Deck Performs, We Talk With Steve Jiff, Tony’s Porno Roundup

Record Review

Artist: Sah
Album: 06/06
Song: Inside You There’s a Part of Me Scared Shitless

Fat Robot Radio Episode XXXI: We Begin to Regret Using Roman Numerals

In this episode, the boys of Fat Robot Radio stare a new era square in the face: The Post Mr. Slayer Epoch. How will it go? Will anyone still listen? Will America find the help it needs with out the tender guidance of one Mr Slayer? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Brad, Ben, and Tony will make plenty of filthy jokes to tide us over until we find out.

Discussed: Cable, Porn On Demand, Most Humiliating Jobs, We Shit On Cops, We Tell Shitty Job Stories, Record Review Service, Good Songs In Commercials, Tony’s Porno Roundup, All Hands On Deck Performs

Record Review:

Artist: Arthur Kill
Album: The Pain
Track: On My Knees

Fat Robot Radio XXX: Hardcore Podcasting Penetration

IN this episode, we say goodbye to Mr Slayer, and celebrate the arrival of the new animated series: Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans. Enjoy as the boys talk about themselves, their business, and other such narcissistic topics.

Discussed: The Cartoon and Related Issues, Classic Albums Now, When Bands Start to Suck, Mr Slayer: The Banned Question, Beer Sponsors, Caddyshack II Revisited, Richard Pryor’s Moment of Truth, Mr Slayer Answers your Question….For The Last Time.

Artist: Caterpillar Tracks
Album: Scrape The Summer
Track: Oh Middle Brow

Episode XXIX: Yes We Are Still A Podcast

This week Fat Robot Radio returns, IN ZOMBIE FORM! Listen to the guys discuss their love of brains, tips on walking slowly, and their disinclination to have their heads removed. WILD TIMES AMERICA!

That’s a lie. The cast of Fat Robot Radio is not the living dead. They do not regularly eat brains, and so it is not therefore acceptable to shoot them in the face with shotguns or cave their monster heads in with a shovel. They are not monsters, at least not in horror movie sense. They are people. People with feelings. Show some respect America.


Discussed: Thumb In Ass, Marrying Your Cousin, Phil Spector Is Crazy And May Have Killed John Lennon, Memorials, Customer Service, All Hands On Deck, Record Review Service, Too Much Crap, Dumb Questions, The Real Story Behind Steve Jiff’s Book Reading, “The Single Guy”, Surreal Moments, Newspaper Columns That Are Not Funny, Boring Us With The Details, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Kjehl Johansen
Album: Pie Man Vs The Lightbulb Men.
Track: I’m Having A Total Fiasco.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Fat Robot Omnimedia, in affiliation with, and, are proud to present to you Episode 1 of the new cartoon, Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans.

Two versions are offered. This first is smaller and viewable below, the second is much bigger, and only available for download (It also requires that you have the XVID codec installed on your computer. Find it here. Enjoy.

Episode XXVIII: Twenty-Eight Episodes of Action Packed Fun-Like Substance

This episode, well, is pretty much like last episode. Not that that’s bad, it’s just, you know, these are all basically the same. Brad, Ben, and Tony pick topics of general interest and then talk about them. It’s a good system. Go ahead and listen and you’ll see.

Discussed: Fuck Adam Curry, The Frighteners, MS, Caddyshack 2, Jonathan Silverman, Sequels, Record Review Service, New Inventions, Co-workers, Mr. Slayer Answers your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Bonesaw Romance
Track: Sweet Mary Ellen
Album: Bonesaw Romance
Website: Bonesaw Romance Myspace

Episode XXVII: Quentin Tarantino Presents – Fat Robot Radio

Season five is here! In between elaborate planning sessions for the upcoming cartoon, the gang from Fat Robot Radio find time to sit down and bang out another episode of the seminal American podcast. Exciting? You bet.


Discussed: We Reminisce, Jimmy Fallon, Hyper-Violent Movies, Sly Stone, Hype, The Eddie Murphy–Dudley Moore Classic “Best Defense”, Best Work In Years, Record Review Service, The Aerosmith Award, All Hands On Deck Performs, Spinal Tap Returns, Tony Causes A Ruckus, Mr Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review:

Artist: The Get-Outs
Track: Breakdown
Album: Get The Message
Website: Get-Outs Homepage

Episode XXVI: Fat Robot Radio Returns To Great Fanfare and Thunderous Applause

FAT ROBOT RADIO IS BACK! This week the gang returns to do what they do best, that’s right, they sit around a folding table and talk about bullshit for about half an hour. Buckle your seatbelts America, it’s going to be a moderately compelling ride!


Discussed: Welcome Itunes Listeners, Tony Rolls Like A Rock Star, David V. Goliath, The Cartoon, The Whereabouts Or Mr Slayer, Safety Gap, College, Record Review, Huh, Steal A Band’s Equipment Pro and Con, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review:
Artist:Malan Darras
Album: Who Is Malan D?
Track: Inkblot

Episode XXV: Grinding Them Out Until Prohibited From Doing So By Law

When future generations look back at Fat Robot Radio its work will likely be judged as a whole. The individual episodes will blend over time into a large tapestry and only the overall impression that they make will remain. Only the best episodes, the cream of the cream, will be revisited, heralded as examples of their seminal work. Is this one of those episodes? No. Not by a long shot. It is fun though, and totally worth listening to. Enjoy.


Discusses: Farewell Speeches, Making Something Of Ourselves, Tony’s Platform, The Van Halen Implosion, Stupid Questions, Record Review Service, Steve Jiff Calls In, We Talk About The Cartoon Some More, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Fire Bug
Track: Paradise
Album: End Of The World

Episode XXIV: We Sheepishly Return To Obscurity

This week, after the fiasco that was the attempted move to Clear Channel, everything returns back to normal. No hard feelings anywhere, and the guys get down to business, INDIE STYLE!

Fat Robot Radio: Happily Failing Upwards

Discussed: We Briefly Discuss Our Business Failures, Enjoying Stupid Entertainment, Keeping An Open Mind, Record Review Service, Overlooked CD’s, A Bold Animated Experiment, Celebrity Suicide and Other Death Talk, Mr Slayer Answers your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Crescent Shield
Track :Await the Champion
Album: Crescent Shield