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The Last Episode of Fat Robot Radio Land…..Ever!

We know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this one. It’s the third Episode of Fat Robot Radio Land. We skipped over it because we had some technical problems with it, but that got straightened out and here it is in all it’s hilariously nonsensical fervor.


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 3

Written and conceived by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips and Tony MF.

With additional help and material from DGM

Produced and Edited by Brad Bugos

Co-Produced by Phil Chevron

Thanks for listening to Fat Robot Radio, we will see you in heaven or hell if you’re cool and like to party.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 5

Too Tired to give a shit about your aching feet? Ear’s swelled from the latest Jim Bowie Concert? Well, take a double dose of Fat Robot Radio Land, with a shot of rum, sit in your favorite chair and manhandle your junk (or junket if you’re a woman).

Episode 5 is not the last episode to post in Series 2. We skipped over Episode 3 so we could post it last because someone just got out of jail (juvy) and we wanted him to be there to record one of his favorite pieces for it.

Thanks for checking out Fat Robot Radio Land. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay. Come back for Episode 3 and sometime this fall Series 3.


The Fat Robot Radio Land Players are: Ben Phillips, Tony MF, DGM , and Brad Bugos.

Topics in Episode 5: Jim Belushi, Kids are Horseshit, Tony’s Poetry and All Hands on Deck Stops by for a little song.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 4

If you noticed, and maybe you’re too coked up to, we’ve jumped over Episode 3 in series 2. Reason being, we felt this is our strongest episode of the run and wanted to get right too it. (*editors note* someone at the offices of Fat Robot Radio is back on the pills).


So sit back and relax, pull your pants down half way if you like, get a refreshment and zone out with Series 2 Episode 4 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Featuring the Fat Robot Radio Land Players- Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, and DGM.

In this Episode: 80′s Movies, Great Moments in Sex, Cubs Bub, More 80′s Movies and This Dude Crapped


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 2

Here is a note I got after a show I saw this past weekend, the band are friends of ours and have appeared on old episodes of Fat Robot Radio (do a search for them and enjoy some of their music).


“My new band Tune Arf 150 played a sold out show at the Tastee Freeze in Norris, IL over the weekend. Never before I have ever seen so many boobies being plopped out of shirts, and that was the dudes. But seriously, it was a great show, with people singing along to our songs and any number of sluts waiting back stage to satisfy all our weird sexual needs (by the way, Jimbone loves to Dutch Ruder).”

“Since being on Fat Robot Radio over five years ago, our popularity has grown ten fold. I just wanted take time to say thanks for all the support and for the FRR Bump. Keep on Rockin’ ”

“Your friends  in Christ, Tune Arf 150″

Pretty nice words for a bunch of boys from broken homes.  So do yourself a favor, listen to this series of Fat Robot Radio Land, you might just discover the next Rex Rimbler Band.

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 2 Episode 2 – Written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, And Drop Girl Michelle.  Produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron. Edited by Brad Bugos.


Series Two of Fat Robot Radio Land has arrived!

It’s been a long hot summer. I personally have lost 52 pounds sweating outside in the summer heat. Thankfully it’s all been in the scrotal area. So how have you been? Anticipating some new stuff from Fat Robot Radio Land? Well guess what?


Episode 1 of Series 2 now playing. Give it a click, don’t forget to lotion up first. Oh, and Hydrate too.

Fat Robot Radio Land, it’s a comedy podcast with talk.

Starring the Fat Robot Players: Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF, and DGM.


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 Episode 4

This here is the last episode in the first run. We hope you have had a lot of fun listening to them, if not, well we’ll make some new ones this summer and you can ignore them as well.


Thanks for listening to Series 1 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF and DGM



Worst TV

Would you rather with Tony Motherfucker

Steve Jiff’s Historically inaccurate Interviews – Mark Twain

Commercials are dumb

Fat Robot Land Episode 3

“I Want to punch him in the assballs” – Tony MF


What’s the difference between the old Fat Robot Radio and the brand new series Fat Robot Radio Land? Two things. No music on the new show, and less ball jokes. Other than those things, it’s exactly the same. Come get yourself some!



Fat Robot Radio Land Episode 2 – I LIKE MUSIC

Please keep your hands inside the car, because last year I was working this same ride and some dude was throwing in his arms out like an excited bird, flapping for all he was worth, and his arms were ripped off. True Story.

Want to hear another story from my carny days? I once pooped in the Twirl and Whirl and never cleaned it up. Another time I got soft Cindy to give me a squeezer in one of the buckets on the Spin Blaster.

Hear more of my great stories here on Episode 2 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Produced and Edited by Phil Chevron.


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 Has Landed!

Hello.  I’m Brad Bugos, you may know me from such podcasts as SLTM (the Podcast) ,  Frank’s Beans , Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigan’s and Filthy Larry’s Dirty Jokes Podcast. What you may not know is that I started out here on Fat Robot Radio, eight years ago.  It’s been almost four years since Ben Phillips, Drop Girl Michelle, Tony Motherfucker and myself go together and recorded new episodes of this podcast.

Well, No longer. Here is episode 1 of our new podcast Fat Robot Radio Land. It’s a mixture of talk, comedy, and chat with a side order of “What the fuck?’. There are four episodes in Series 1 with Series 2 coming this summer. So enjoy these brand new episodes. Listen, Laugh, Love and Learn.

Thank you and Good Night

Brad Bugos – Co-Host of Fat Robot Radio Land

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 was written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony Motherfucker, and Drop Girl Michelle. Produced by Phil Chevron.

It’s here, It’s here, The Alpha and the Omega

In this Episode of Fat Robot Radio we answer the age old question, what would it sound like if Tony MF talked to his virtual self? Well, it would go a little something like the last few minutes of this episode.

In this Episode: We talk about the stand up of Steve Martin, we discuss Tony MF and his absence, Drop Girl Michelle lets us know what is  going on “Downtown” and we rediscover our love for Nutter Butters.

Interview: Curtis Smith of Maelstrom PR

Record Review Service:

Band: Canvas Solaris

Album: Irradiance

Label: Sensory

*For the Full Interview with Curtis Smith of Maelstrom PR head over to SLTM (The Podcast)