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Yeah, More Fat Robot Radio

Welcome in to the show that never seems to end. I know, I know, it’s a bit long this episode, but it’s well worth the fifty minutes. Not only does Tony MF fix some crappy rock lyrics, but we also get to talk to our old friend Matt Sowder. There is plenty more there for you to chew on so go ahead and take a bite of Fat Robot Radio. Now wash it down with a nice cold drink, feels good doesn’t it? Thanks for listening. We’ve got one more new episode to post this month and then it’s dead air for the summer.

Interview Guest: Matt Sowder Calls in all the way from Texas to talk radio and music

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Band: 2Mile

Album: 2Mile

Four Years of Podcasting Excellence

It’s been four years since you first heard the voices of Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips and Tony MF. Sixty one episodes and the addition of Drop Girl Michelle have changed three loners recording animal noises in their mom’s basement to a nationally recognized voice of reason and comedy.  It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for joining us as we enter the next phase of our recording process, being relevant while still being bitter as hell.  We hope you like it.

Interview Guest – Pac Man (the legendary Video Game Character calls in to discuss his life)

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Band: Lair of the Minotaur

Song: Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers

Album: Evil Power

Label: Southern Lord

Fat Robot Radio Episode 60

This episode of Fat Robot Radio includes a very special phone interview with a very special Guest. We are very honored and privileged to have a moment of this historic persons time. We talked about everything from Baseball & Ping Pong to a certain underlings missing top teeth.  It’s a good interview, but if that’s not enough we also have Ben telling a Hitchhiking story, and Drop Girl Michelle asking the guys for their Male Perspective. Enjoy.

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Band: In Mourning

Album: Monolith

Label: Pulverised Records

It’s Time for Episode 59 of Fat Robot Radio

Thanks for stopping by to check out the brand new episode of Fat Robot Radio. In Episode 59 Brad, Ben,Tony and DGM talk about life, happiness and whatever happened to Anson Weber.  Plus Brad and Tony’s old pal Matt Sowder calls in from Texas to talk about music. It’s podcasting like you’ve come to expect from FRR. Entertaining talk that goes down smooth. Enjoy!

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Band: The Izzy’s

Album: Keep your Powder Dry EP

Label: Fat Man

Episode 58 featuring DGM and TONY MF

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. You know, not long ago Ben and I were talking about how wonderful Drop Girl Michelle is and what a great job she does on the podcast.  Ben thought it would be a great idea to just sit and talk to DGM and find out what makes her tick and then share that with the podcast audience. We decided to ask her some questions and to throw Tony MF into the mix , cause he’s always got something funny or interesting to say.  So this episode is all about DGM and her fast fingers.  Enjoy.

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Band: The Laughing Man

Album: A Place For Alice

Fat Robot 43rd Annual Gala Spectacular

It’s time for Fat Robot Omnimedia’s Annual Gala Best of Get Together Episode.  Brad, Ben , Tony and DGM talk about their favorite things from 2009 and the decade. Plus A very special guest stops by to play one of his many funny songs.  It’s a lot of laughs and at over an hour of show, it meets your state’s requirement for DUI classes.

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Band: The Read

Album: Party Lines/Yer Garbage 7 Inch

Song: Yer Garbage

Label: Phratry Records

Episode 57 Fat Robot Radio

Episode 57 of Fat Robot Radio has a description of the new movie the gang is working on. It’s about a sweet gentle retard who has cancer aids and is locked up in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Listen in as the four members of the Fat Robot Radio team brainstorm their way to a story that has Academy Award Potential.  Who will star in this touching flick? Who will direct? How many times will Tony say “Cancer Aids” and how many times will Brad laugh inappropriately?
Find out in Episode 57 of Fat Robot Radio starting NOW:

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Band: Knife the Symphony

Album: Dead Tongues

Label: Phratry Records

Please refrain from touching yourself in public

Episode 56 of Fat Robot Radio

Topics of Discussion: Little Brothers in Movies & TV , David Cross and Bob Odenkirk- who is funnier, We Rework an old bit, Prizes that no one seems to want or care about, Tony MF’s Guide to gettin’ some action, Female Perspective with DGM, Canada’s answer to Bon Jovi, Things you don’t see anymore, and So much more.

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Band: Chinese Stars

Album: Heaven on Speed Dial

Label: Anchor Brain

It’s Time for More Nonsense from FRR

Last week we told you about the exciting opportunities in your neighborhood and how YOU could cash in on them. Well this week your “Experts” are going to dish all the secrets from their new Book If Midgets Have Gold, Why can’t we just take it from them? Tune in for this half hour (more like 53 minutes) of powerful, insightful, meaningful life fulfilling talk. You’ll learn about life, but more importantly you’ll learn  about yourself.  You won’t regret it.

(legal disclaimer – You probably will regret it)

Discussed This Episode: Contest Giveaway, Who the Fuck is Facebook?, Reunions are an Ass, And Then Came the Undertaker, Steve Jiff finds meaning in life again with his own podcast, Filthy or Famous – Female Edition, Discussion of the different types of METAL, We get Rick-Rolled by some fella called Camilionaire, Common Reasons why Men Break up and More Joey Greco Talk.

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Band: Handful of Hate

Album: You Will Bleed

Song: March of Hate

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

It’s Time for More Fat Robot Radio

Episode 54 has lots of hot talk.  There are no interviews or guest on this show, it’s just the three hosts with Drop Girl Michelle. So if you enjoy just hearing the fellas and DGM spout wisdom from their talk holes then tune in. If you were looking for more call in guests, might I suggest Steve Jiff’s New Podcast – Shenanigans, Bananagans, Funanagans on his web site or myspace.

Discussed in Episode 54 – Songs that are F’d out, What’s Slayer Doing Now?, Ratt goes Round N Round, Record Review Service returns, Tony reads more great Poetry, A few Minutes with DGM, The Title Track to Tony MF’s New CD Coffee Shop Pussy, & Philosophy from Dice, El and Wille D.

Record Review Service:

Band: Winfred E. Eye

Album: Til I Prune

Label: Antenna Farm Records