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Fat Robot Radio XXX: Hardcore Podcasting Penetration

IN this episode, we say goodbye to Mr Slayer, and celebrate the arrival of the new animated series: Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans. Enjoy as the boys talk about themselves, their business, and other such narcissistic topics.

Discussed: The Cartoon and Related Issues, Classic Albums Now, When Bands Start to Suck, Mr Slayer: The Banned Question, Beer Sponsors, Caddyshack II Revisited, Richard Pryor’s Moment of Truth, Mr Slayer Answers your Question….For The Last Time.

Artist: Caterpillar Tracks
Album: Scrape The Summer
Track: Oh Middle Brow

Episode XXIX: Yes We Are Still A Podcast

This week Fat Robot Radio returns, IN ZOMBIE FORM! Listen to the guys discuss their love of brains, tips on walking slowly, and their disinclination to have their heads removed. WILD TIMES AMERICA!

That’s a lie. The cast of Fat Robot Radio is not the living dead. They do not regularly eat brains, and so it is not therefore acceptable to shoot them in the face with shotguns or cave their monster heads in with a shovel. They are not monsters, at least not in horror movie sense. They are people. People with feelings. Show some respect America.


Discussed: Thumb In Ass, Marrying Your Cousin, Phil Spector Is Crazy And May Have Killed John Lennon, Memorials, Customer Service, All Hands On Deck, Record Review Service, Too Much Crap, Dumb Questions, The Real Story Behind Steve Jiff’s Book Reading, “The Single Guy”, Surreal Moments, Newspaper Columns That Are Not Funny, Boring Us With The Details, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Kjehl Johansen
Album: Pie Man Vs The Lightbulb Men.
Track: I’m Having A Total Fiasco.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Fat Robot Omnimedia, in affiliation with, and, are proud to present to you Episode 1 of the new cartoon, Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans.

Two versions are offered. This first is smaller and viewable below, the second is much bigger, and only available for download (It also requires that you have the XVID codec installed on your computer. Find it here. Enjoy.

Episode XXVIII: Twenty-Eight Episodes of Action Packed Fun-Like Substance

This episode, well, is pretty much like last episode. Not that that’s bad, it’s just, you know, these are all basically the same. Brad, Ben, and Tony pick topics of general interest and then talk about them. It’s a good system. Go ahead and listen and you’ll see.

Discussed: Fuck Adam Curry, The Frighteners, MS, Caddyshack 2, Jonathan Silverman, Sequels, Record Review Service, New Inventions, Co-workers, Mr. Slayer Answers your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Bonesaw Romance
Track: Sweet Mary Ellen
Album: Bonesaw Romance
Website: Bonesaw Romance Myspace

Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans

Fat Robot Omnimedia is proud to present:

That’s right. Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans. An all new animated series coming summer 2007. Or late summer. Who knows. BUT IT’S COMING! Check back soon for more news and probably more sneak peeks at the new cartoon from the people who bring you Fat Robot Radio!

If you would like to see larger, higher resolution version of the trailer, download it here.

Fat Robot Radio Returns

The checks have cleared, everybody’s rested, court ordered therapy sessions have been completed, cases of Steel Reserve have been shipped, opened, drained, and replenished again, Mr. Slayer’s bail has been posted, hundreds of dollars in audio equipment have been redeemed from the pawn shop, contract disputes have been settled, Waldo, at long last, has finally been found, egos have been stroked, I have, albeit briefly, emerged from hiding, Presidential Candidate Tony MF has received notification from the Federal Elections Commission that his appearance on the show will not violate federal election statutes, Brad has been given permission by his legal council to speak on the record, Smurfs have been smurfed, and now, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, congressional investigations, lawsuits, botulism, domestic strife, vomiting, and a series of misadventures wacky enough to be turned into a hilarious Saturday morning cartoon show, FAT ROBOT RADIO WILL RETURN!

Look for new episodes starting February 19th. Or Don’t. Whatever. It’s not like our self esteem rotates around whether or not we are popular in the eyes of the fickle masses.


Please love me.



Episode 17 will be premiered on Monday, due to the short week, and also the fact that I totally forgot about until this morning and now don’t have time to do put it up.


Brad Bugos Returns

Looks like Brad is back on the map. Here is note from him:

I remember the first time I tasted alcohol, I was fifteen years old hanging out with my older brother and another dude who was a few years older than him. We were in his Camaro on the backroads in my home town, when the oldest dude, Chuck, stopped the car and my brother Chad passed around the warm old Milwaukee cans. It tasted horrible, and I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to drink again. I could only get about half of the warm,stale beer down. It would seem to most intelligent people that the horrible taste coupled with the warmth of the beer would have scared most people away from ever drinking again. Not Me. You see, it started a life long problem I like to call “NO, I HAVE NOT had enough to drink, now mind your own business”. Alcohol to me has always been “the solution to and the cause of all of lifes problems”. It tastes great, makes me more intelligent and invulnerable to criticism. It also makes the women I meet incredibly fun and interesting. So why did I stop? Why did I seek help if I was having so much fun? The answer is I had to after the incident last July 4th. Although help wouldn’t come until August 12th, the 4th was what made me realize that even though I was having fun others weren’t. July 4th started out like most Celebrations of Our Nations Birthday, with alcohol. I got pretty drunk by noon and was in no shape to be even standing up. Although I won’t go into details of what happened that day I will say, again, that I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been messing around with the gasoline while lighting fireworks, and I am sorry others got hurt. I’ve apologized profusely to my long time friend Barry. It was a bad deal, one in which I realized the next day that my drinking had something to do with. I tried to stop tipping the bottle after that, but I think I knew that the end had to be near when I threw up at the IGA all over the red cabbage. I was embarassed, even more so when I noticed I wet myself when I threw up so hard. It was time for help, and I got it. I went into rehab on August 12th, with the help of many friends and family. I feel much better now and I have so many people to think for it. First off Thanks to Ben and Tony MF for all the support and help. Sorry Ben that I knocked on your door at 3am that one night and then pissed all over your door. Also thanks to my long suffering girlfriend Lawanda, your the best baby.Thanks for waiting for me. I hope now to move forward, upwards and onwards. More Fat Robot Radio episodes to follow along with some very strong Episodes of SLTM The Podcast. It’s been a long trip, sometimes very difficult, but I feel better and am ready to get back to work. Thanks for all the support, now if I can just get my anger problem under control, I’ll be flying high. Warm Regards Brad Bugos Somewhere in the Deserts of Arizona

This probably means more Fat Robot Radio soon. I’ll post more news as I get it.

Episode XIII: The Lost Episode

Dear Listener,

There will be no episode this week. It got lost.

Rather, it was stolen.

It might help if I explain how show day works. Tony, Brad and I arrive early at Fat Robot Laboratories, (AKA Brad’s Kitchen) to plan out the show. All the ideas for the show get written up on a big dry erase board, CD’s for the record review are selected, and the studio is otherwise prepared. Around this time the complementary cooler full of Steel Reserve arrives from our generous sponsor. I call Mr Slayer’s cell phone to tell him that the beer has arrived, and tell him what time to show up for his segments (I almost always give him a time a few hours earlier than when he is needed, just as a matter of good policy). Then we tape. A good time is had, and radio history is made. After the taping of a show, I make a copy of the file to take back to my house for editing. The only other copy rests with Phil Chevron, who among other important and indispensable duties puts our promos together and archives the program for the Museum of Radio Broadcasting and the Library of Congress. I edit the show, write the descriptions, and on Monday bring you the radio excellence you have come to expect.

Then as you know, Brad got sick, checked into a facility, and all our plans were screwed up. We haven’t seen him since.

Undaunted, Tony and I persevered. Phil gave us access to the lab, we lined up a couple of guest hosts, and we recorded. Steve Jiff hosted last week, and this week “dead air” Frank helped us out.

Not that you’ll ever hear it.

See, since we were short handed Dave Benson, AKA “Dave Jobless” was helping out around the studio. He is a huge Steve Jiff fan, and was happy to hang around while we were taping his show. When he found out that Steve had not been asked to host both of the programs that were to be taped in Brad’s absence, Dave was enraged. We taped Episode 13 as scheduled, but somewhere between when I burned it to a CD and when I got home, a clearly distraught and deranged Dave Jobless stole it from me.

This is where things get weird.

I knew Phil had a copy, so I emailed him for it, only to find out that the all the computers at the lab had been fried with some hideous computer virus. It had apparently been contracted right after Phil opened the “thanks for having me on the show” letter Steve Jiff had sent.

All the files were destroyed, including Episode 13. Go figure. Steve claims no responsibility for the incident, and as the Email was destroyed along with the computers, there is no way to disprove his claim. He is an asshole. Dave Jobless feigned ignorance, and all attempts to compile evidence to the contrary have proved futile. So it looks like the show is lost.

Except it’s not.

We have an secret operative over at Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans, who reported seeing a copy of Episode 13, and claims to have heard portions of it. I suspect that Dave gave Steve my copy, but this also has been difficult to substantiate.
I would like to sincerely apologize to all of our listeners for the lack of an episode the week. Our complicated staff issues are not your concern, and we regret having to involve you in this sordid affair. We felt you had a right to know. Once Brad gets released from Promises, and we figure out what to do about Dave Jobless and beefing up Security around the lab, the show will return to its prior glory. We will have the second episode of Brad’s SLTM The Podcast up next week, so look forward to that. In the meantime, give the archives a listen. All 12 shows are available for download, and that will have to hold you over during this trying time.


Benjamin Phillips

An Open Letter To Steve Jiff

Mr Steve Jiff,

There have been a lot of harsh words exchanged between the cast and staff of Fat Robot Radio, and Mr Steve Jiff, of Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans. Hurtful things have been said on both sides. I know I have made, in the heat of the moment, a score of rash comments that I didn’t mean, and I am sure that Mr Jiff probably feels the same way. Rivalries of this nature often spiral out of control and become irrational very quickly, and in the end only the people get hurt. I’m sure Steve Jiff is an honest and forthright man, possessed of a hearty spirit and many fine qualities, as are all the citizens of Racine, Wisconsin. When I said that he was, “scum sucking vermin” that could “go to hell and die for all I care,” I was acting out of anger. It was wrong, and I apologize. I’m sure that when Tony threatened to, “cave Jiff’s empty F#@&ing head in with a F#@&ing tire iron” he didn’t mean it. No violence has ever been perpetrated on Mr Jiff, other than violence of the heart. This ends today.

This is why we at Fat Robot Radio would like to invite you, Mr Steve Jiff, to be a part of our next program as our very first guest host. It would be our honor to have you. Let’s bury the hatchet, for real this time. Not like the time one of your production assistants buried a fireman’s ax into the trunk of my car.

Hope to see you at the next taping,

Benjamin Phillips, Co-Founder, Fat Robot Omnimedia Inc.