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New Contest

Dave Jobless has an exciting new contest going on over at the Fat Robot Radio Myspace Site.
Here is the announcement:

Alright. Brad has given me the go ahead to give away some Zine/CD packs.  For three lucky people.  Here is what you have to do:

In Episode Five of Fat Robot Radio Podcast  Ben, Brad and Tony discuss albums/CD’s that they purchased that made them almost want to quit buying music.  It didn’t of course.  There was one release by Ben Phillips that he bought and thought that he would like but didn’t.  He still has this bands CD.  What Band was it, and for extra junk, name the CD.

Email your responses to:

I will pick three people, if we get that many or any for that matter.  I’ll email them back and get their contact info.  Thanks for listening to FRR and for taking the time to enter the contest.

What will you win? Copies of SLTM (going back as far as we have extra issues), CD’S, and much more.  We have a lot, so the three lucky winners will be drowned in free junk.

Fat Robot Radio: Buying Your Love

Fat Robot Radio: Episode II, Back Again For No Particular Reason

In episode two Brad, Ben, and Tony do pretty much what they did in the first episode, except hopefully a little bit better. Maybe. Anyway the topics are new, Mr Slayer is back, and the boys approach their work with a touch more professionalism than before. At least for the first few minutes or so. FAT ROBOT RADIO: BRINGING YOU MAD CAPPED WACKINESS SINCE MONDAY OF LAST WEEK

Discussed: The paternity of a certain celebrity baby is revealed, The quality of Rolling Stone magazine and other music publications, Smoking Bans, Record Review Service, Post Fame Reality, ITT Tech, Mr Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review

Artist: Aiden
Album: Nightmare Anatomy
Track: Die Romantic