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SLTM: The Podcast #3

While we wait for the crew over at Fat Robot Radio to get their collective shit together, FRR Omnimedia Inc is happy to present another wonderful episode of SLTM: The Podcast. Brad Bugos, who has his shit not only together, but separated into carefully arranged piles and bundled up with little bits of twine, brings you episode 3 of his wonderful Podcast about music and, well, anything else he winds up talking about. Lots of cool music you’ve never heard before, and seriously, what else are you doing?


SLTM: The Podcast #2

Hey Everybody! Ready for another exciting episode of SLTM: The Podcast? We’ll you better get ready because SLTM THE PODCAST #2 STARTS NOW:

Get Well Soon Brad! Remember: Rubbing Alcohol isn’t the same thing as the Alcohol that you drink!

SLTM: The Podcast

While Fat Robot Radio takes a couple weeks off to get its shit together, (read: Rehab), your loyal host Brad Bugos has been goodly enough to let us preview something he’s been working on. It’s a lot of fun, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Ladies and gentlemen: SLTM: The Podcast

Air Check

As the program is on its midsummer hiatus, this week we bring you this little tidbit from the vast Fat Robot Radio Audio Archives. Brad Bugos, one time radio professional, made a series of these air check tapes in various attempts to procure gainful employment in the broadcasting industry. Though it would seem that professional radio WAS NOT READY for the “Bugos Method” as it would later come to be called, the intrinsic skill of our very own Media Mad Scientist is apparent. Like Decca Records rejecting the Beatles, modern commercial radio proved themselves short sighted, wholly unable to detect the value of a scrappy young Bugos. Thankfully a great cultural tragedy was averted, as Bugos descended several miles underground to the super secret Fat Robot Laboratories, and as history will inevitably reflect, changed the face of modern broadcasting forever.


SEE: The Actual Mr Slayer accosting Brad Bugos! WATCH: As Ben heroically asks Mr Slayer nicely to stop! DON’T MISS ONE SECOND OF THE NERVE SHATTERING ACTION!