Fat Robot Radio: Episode III (The Merciful End of the Beginning)

Episode three brings a bold new experiment in radio broadcasting when the boys try to see if they can do an entire show without any planning or any predesignated topics*. Will there be thirty minutes of dead air? Can they make it without resorting to Michael Jackson jokes or stolen George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld bits or talking about the Simpson’s for half an hour? Will someone slip and utter a horrific racial slur? DON’T MISS ONE SUSPENSE FILLED NANOSECOND!

Discussed: Strip clubs on fire, lame strip clubs, disabled people at strip clubs, Record Review Service, radio memories, call in shows, kick ‘em while they’re down, Mr Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review

Artist: Carol Bui
Album: This Is How I Recover
Track: I Don’t Call Him By Name
Website: www.carolbui.com
*They Can’t.

Fat Robot Radio: Episode II, Back Again For No Particular Reason

In episode two Brad, Ben, and Tony do pretty much what they did in the first episode, except hopefully a little bit better. Maybe. Anyway the topics are new, Mr Slayer is back, and the boys approach their work with a touch more professionalism than before. At least for the first few minutes or so. FAT ROBOT RADIO: BRINGING YOU MAD CAPPED WACKINESS SINCE MONDAY OF LAST WEEK

Discussed: The paternity of a certain celebrity baby is revealed, The quality of Rolling Stone magazine and other music publications, Smoking Bans, Record Review Service, Post Fame Reality, ITT Tech, Mr Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review

Artist: Aiden
Album: Nightmare Anatomy
Track: Die Romantic
Website: www.aiden.org/

Fat Robot Radio: Episode I (Not to be confused with the misguided Star Wars Movie of the same name.)

Fat Robot Radio has arrived!

In this inaugural episode, we meet Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, and Tony MF and watch them flail about in search of things to talk about. Is it perfect? God no. Not even close. But despite various technical problems and enough rough edges to require a tetanus booster, the show is entertaining, or at least more fun than Googling your own name for the 1000th time. FAT ROBOT RADIO: AMERICA’S NEWEST PODCAST*

Discussed: Website names, Porn as chief propagator of technology, Derivative parody, Mike Myers, Record Review Service, Message Boards, Axl Rose, The speed and quality of artistic output, and Mr. Slayer answers your questions.

Record Review

Artist: Rasputina
Album: A radical recital
Track: Secret Message
Website: www.rasputina.com
*Claim only good until 6-5-2006, 12:05 PM EST


SEE: The Actual Mr Slayer accosting Brad Bugos! WATCH: As Ben heroically asks Mr Slayer nicely to stop! DON’T MISS ONE SECOND OF THE NERVE SHATTERING ACTION!

Fat Robot Radio is a Podcast. So it's not really "Radio" in the conventional sense, due to the fact that we do not broadcast anything over any of the public's airwaves. We PODcast, which I assume means that you can listen to the program on your IPod, though I understand that any conventional MP3 player will do. Also iPods aren't really a thing anymore. Anyway. Fat Robot Radio. Just listen, it's only a half hour or so, and what are you doing anyway.