Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 Episode 4

This here is the last episode in the first run. We hope you have had a lot of fun listening to them, if not, well we’ll make some new ones this summer and you can ignore them as well.


Thanks for listening to Series 1 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony MF and DGM



Worst TV

Would you rather with Tony Motherfucker

Steve Jiff’s Historically inaccurate Interviews – Mark Twain

Commercials are dumb

Fat Robot Land Episode 3

“I Want to punch him in the assballs” – Tony MF


What’s the difference between the old Fat Robot Radio and the brand new series Fat Robot Radio Land? Two things. No music on the new show, and less ball jokes. Other than those things, it’s exactly the same. Come get yourself some!



Fat Robot Radio Land Episode 2 – I LIKE MUSIC

Please keep your hands inside the car, because last year I was working this same ride and some dude was throwing in his arms out like an excited bird, flapping for all he was worth, and his arms were ripped off. True Story.

Want to hear another story from my carny days? I once pooped in the Twirl and Whirl and never cleaned it up. Another time I got soft Cindy to give me a squeezer in one of the buckets on the Spin Blaster.

Hear more of my great stories here on Episode 2 of Fat Robot Radio Land.

Produced and Edited by Phil Chevron.


Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 Has Landed!

Hello.  I’m Brad Bugos, you may know me from such podcasts as SLTM (the Podcast) ,  Frank’s Beans , Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigan’s and Filthy Larry’s Dirty Jokes Podcast. What you may not know is that I started out here on Fat Robot Radio, eight years ago.  It’s been almost four years since Ben Phillips, Drop Girl Michelle, Tony Motherfucker and myself go together and recorded new episodes of this podcast.

Well, No longer. Here is episode 1 of our new podcast Fat Robot Radio Land. It’s a mixture of talk, comedy, and chat with a side order of “What the fuck?’. There are four episodes in Series 1 with Series 2 coming this summer. So enjoy these brand new episodes. Listen, Laugh, Love and Learn.

Thank you and Good Night

Brad Bugos – Co-Host of Fat Robot Radio Land

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 was written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony Motherfucker, and Drop Girl Michelle. Produced by Phil Chevron.

It’s here, It’s here, The Alpha and the Omega

In this Episode of Fat Robot Radio we answer the age old question, what would it sound like if Tony MF talked to his virtual self? Well, it would go a little something like the last few minutes of this episode.

In this Episode: We talk about the stand up of Steve Martin, we discuss Tony MF and his absence, Drop Girl Michelle lets us know what is  going on “Downtown” and we rediscover our love for Nutter Butters.

Interview: Curtis Smith of Maelstrom PR

Record Review Service:

Band: Canvas Solaris

Album: Irradiance

Label: Sensory

*For the Full Interview with Curtis Smith of Maelstrom PR head over to SLTM (The Podcast)

Yeah, More Fat Robot Radio

Welcome in to the show that never seems to end. I know, I know, it’s a bit long this episode, but it’s well worth the fifty minutes. Not only does Tony MF fix some crappy rock lyrics, but we also get to talk to our old friend Matt Sowder. There is plenty more there for you to chew on so go ahead and take a bite of Fat Robot Radio. Now wash it down with a nice cold drink, feels good doesn’t it? Thanks for listening. We’ve got one more new episode to post this month and then it’s dead air for the summer.

Interview Guest: Matt Sowder Calls in all the way from Texas to talk radio and music

Record Review Service:

Band: 2Mile

Album: 2Mile

Four Years of Podcasting Excellence

It’s been four years since you first heard the voices of Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips and Tony MF. Sixty one episodes and the addition of Drop Girl Michelle have changed three loners recording animal noises in their mom’s basement to a nationally recognized voice of reason and comedy.  It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for joining us as we enter the next phase of our recording process, being relevant while still being bitter as hell.  We hope you like it.

Interview Guest – Pac Man (the legendary Video Game Character calls in to discuss his life)

Record Review Service:

Band: Lair of the Minotaur

Song: Let’s Kill These Motherfuckers

Album: Evil Power

Label: Southern Lord

Fat Robot Radio Episode 60

This episode of Fat Robot Radio includes a very special phone interview with a very special Guest. We are very honored and privileged to have a moment of this historic persons time. We talked about everything from Baseball & Ping Pong to a certain underlings missing top teeth.  It’s a good interview, but if that’s not enough we also have Ben telling a Hitchhiking story, and Drop Girl Michelle asking the guys for their Male Perspective. Enjoy.

Record Review Service:

Band: In Mourning

Album: Monolith

Label: Pulverised Records

It’s Time for Episode 59 of Fat Robot Radio

Thanks for stopping by to check out the brand new episode of Fat Robot Radio. In Episode 59 Brad, Ben,Tony and DGM talk about life, happiness and whatever happened to Anson Weber.  Plus Brad and Tony’s old pal Matt Sowder calls in from Texas to talk about music. It’s podcasting like you’ve come to expect from FRR. Entertaining talk that goes down smooth. Enjoy!

Record Review Service:

Band: The Izzy’s

Album: Keep your Powder Dry EP

Label: Fat Man

Episode 58 featuring DGM and TONY MF

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. You know, not long ago Ben and I were talking about how wonderful Drop Girl Michelle is and what a great job she does on the podcast.  Ben thought it would be a great idea to just sit and talk to DGM and find out what makes her tick and then share that with the podcast audience. We decided to ask her some questions and to throw Tony MF into the mix , cause he’s always got something funny or interesting to say.  So this episode is all about DGM and her fast fingers.  Enjoy.

Record Review Service:

Band: The Laughing Man

Album: A Place For Alice

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