Fat Robot 43rd Annual Gala Spectacular

It’s time for Fat Robot Omnimedia’s Annual Gala Best of Get Together Episode.  Brad, Ben , Tony and DGM talk about their favorite things from 2009 and the decade. Plus A very special guest stops by to play one of his many funny songs.  It’s a lot of laughs and at over an hour of show, it meets your state’s requirement for DUI classes.

Record Review Service:

Band: The Read

Album: Party Lines/Yer Garbage 7 Inch

Song: Yer Garbage

Label: Phratry Records

Episode 57 Fat Robot Radio

Episode 57 of Fat Robot Radio has a description of the new movie the gang is working on. It’s about a sweet gentle retard who has cancer aids and is locked up in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Listen in as the four members of the Fat Robot Radio team brainstorm their way to a story that has Academy Award Potential.  Who will star in this touching flick? Who will direct? How many times will Tony say “Cancer Aids” and how many times will Brad laugh inappropriately?
Find out in Episode 57 of Fat Robot Radio starting NOW:

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Band: Knife the Symphony

Album: Dead Tongues

Label: Phratry Records

Please refrain from touching yourself in public

Episode 56 of Fat Robot Radio

Topics of Discussion: Little Brothers in Movies & TV , David Cross and Bob Odenkirk- who is funnier, We Rework an old bit, Prizes that no one seems to want or care about, Tony MF’s Guide to gettin’ some action, Female Perspective with DGM, Canada’s answer to Bon Jovi, Things you don’t see anymore, and So much more.

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Band: Chinese Stars

Album: Heaven on Speed Dial

Label: Anchor Brain

It’s Time for More Nonsense from FRR

Last week we told you about the exciting opportunities in your neighborhood and how YOU could cash in on them. Well this week your “Experts” are going to dish all the secrets from their new Book If Midgets Have Gold, Why can’t we just take it from them? Tune in for this half hour (more like 53 minutes) of powerful, insightful, meaningful life fulfilling talk. You’ll learn about life, but more importantly you’ll learn  about yourself.  You won’t regret it.

(legal disclaimer – You probably will regret it)

Discussed This Episode: Contest Giveaway, Who the Fuck is Facebook?, Reunions are an Ass, And Then Came the Undertaker, Steve Jiff finds meaning in life again with his own podcast, Filthy or Famous – Female Edition, Discussion of the different types of METAL, We get Rick-Rolled by some fella called Camilionaire, Common Reasons why Men Break up and More Joey Greco Talk.

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Band: Handful of Hate

Album: You Will Bleed

Song: March of Hate

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

It’s Time for More Fat Robot Radio

Episode 54 has lots of hot talk.  There are no interviews or guest on this show, it’s just the three hosts with Drop Girl Michelle. So if you enjoy just hearing the fellas and DGM spout wisdom from their talk holes then tune in. If you were looking for more call in guests, might I suggest Steve Jiff’s New Podcast – Shenanigans, Bananagans, Funanagans on his web site or myspace.

Discussed in Episode 54 – Songs that are F’d out, What’s Slayer Doing Now?, Ratt goes Round N Round, Record Review Service returns, Tony reads more great Poetry, A few Minutes with DGM, The Title Track to Tony MF’s New CD Coffee Shop Pussy, & Philosophy from Dice, El and Wille D.

Record Review Service:

Band: Winfred E. Eye

Album: Til I Prune

Label: Antenna Farm Records

Episode 53 – Fast, Hot and Ready to go

We’ve done a lot of these podcasts, so many in fact that I forgot what number this one was a few times. However, I just would like to point out that this is a good one. Why? well, mostly because we have a great interview with Jerry Dirr of Phratry Records. There’s some other stuff, but mostly what you should be interested in are two things, The interview and a new Track from Tony MF’s CD Coffee shop Pussy.

And hey, thanks for listening.

Topics Discussed: Rocky & Bullwinkle, the Female Perspective with DGM, Tony MF reads more Poetry, Jerry Dirr from Phratry Records interview, Steve Jiff Stops by, Gang Bang Talk, Who gets dropped in the Volcano (with a loving nod to Creator Adam Carolla), Vodka is good, and another track from Tony MF’s CD Coffee Shop Pussy.

Phratry Records Web Site


Episode 52 – One Good One in the Can

Welcome to a brand new Episode of Fat Robot Radio. Listen in as your hosts Ben, Brad, Tony and DGM cover all the latest topics. Plus they have their first real call in guest (no offense to Steve Jiff intended) and Tony MF reads poetry from a great lost Poet. Give it a listen, it will increase your bust size by two and make your genitals tingle.

TOPICS DISCUSSED: Joey Greco and his overall coolness, Your Name Here – Filthy or Famous, Tony MF Reads poetry from a lost artist, Brad’s Brother Chad calls in with Tips for College Bound Students and a great story, plus the record review service and Drop Girl Michelle.

Record Review Service:

Band: Crescent Shield

Album: The Stars of Never Seen

Song: My Anger

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

We introduce Tony’s Softer side

You may be saying to yourself  “why the hell would we want to see Tony MF’s softer side?”  Well, in this brand new Episode you get to hear the work in progress that is Tony’s new CD Coffee Shop Pussy

It’s well worth it, just to hear Tony burst out into a few bars of the title track and to hear the commercial for the upcoming album.  Tony will be blogging next month about the experience in the studio, but for now enjoy the last of the brand new Episodes. We’ll be getting together soon to record new ones, they will post in July and August.

Discussed this Episode: We get the female perspective from Drop Girl Michelle, Record Review Service, Tony MF reads classic literature with Beer in his mouth,   Tony’s New album Coffee Shop Pussy gets talked about, Steve Jiff calls in, mentions of Porkies Fan Fiction abound and so much more.

Record Review Service:

Artist: Patrick Cornell

Song: Black Beauty (Nashville Version)

Album: Juliana

Label: ?

Episode 50 – Tony MF, the Long Road Back

Not really, but I thought if I had Tony in the Header of this post that more people would be likely to check out this episode. Let’s be honest, it’s like Ricky Gervais always says about his podcast “People tune in to hear the shaven monkey”. We are the same way, I mean, Who wants to hear me talk and try to make funny comments? Who wants to hear Ben be smart and say pithy things? Who tunes in to hear well timed and appropriate drops with a feminine touch? NO ONE! We all listen to hear what the monkey will say.

So here it is, more TONY MF than you could ever want in your life. It started with Episode 49 and now continues until Episode 51.  So much TONY MF you will choke, gasp for air, spend time doubled over and then vomit.  Good Luck. I warned  you that too much of a okay thing was not an okay thing.

Discussed This Episode : Pernice Brothers Song in a Commercial, Amatuer Porn, Songs about Sex, Someone makes a comment about Tony’s Dingle , Steve Jiff’s Tip of the Day, Record Review Service and Tony reads classic literature with beer in his mouth.

Record Review Service:

Band : The Black Watch

Album : Icing the Snow Queen

Label : Eskimo Record Label

A New Era Begins – Fat Robot Radio is on the Air!

What new Era, you may ask? Well, starting with this Episode (#49 if you are counting) the show has taken a new direction. It’s 40% more Tony MF.  With More staying power and a gigger more of  Drop Girl Michelle to spice things up.  We’ve given the hosting duties over to Ben Phillips, which gives Brad more time to think up stupid swear word combination’s and boob jokes.  So listen in, and enjoy the next three episodes.  It’s three years of Podcasting fun, with a hint of desperation.


Discussed this Episode: Favorite Comedians of all Time, Swear Words, The Female Perspective with drop Girl Michelle, Tony reads classic Literature with Beer in his mouth, and the Record Review Service.

Record Review Service

Band: Maegashira

Album: The Stark Artic

Song: Caribou Crossing

Label: Spare Change Records

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