Episode X, We Reach Ten Shows In A Spirit Of Reverence and Humility

EPISODE TEN! Can you believe it? We can’t. When Fat Robot Radio launched upon the world so many months ago, who knew it would explode into the world wide super-phenomenon that it has become? Way bigger than that movie about aircraft dwelling reptiles, and rightly so, as this week Brad, Ben, and Tony bring you the sort of high impact, thrill a minute, blockbusting entertainment you’ve come to expect from a low quality, poorly produced podcast of no distinction. Especially one that is distributed for free on the Internet. ENJOY!

Discussed: Logical Fallacies in Back To The Future Part 3, Believing In The Hoverboard, Movies That Don’t Age Well, Our First Contest Winner, Record Review Service, The Questionable Circumstances Surrounding El Duce’s Death, Fictional Autobiographies, Kick ‘Em While They’re Down, And Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review:

Artist: Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass
Album: Fiend Club Lounge
Track: Last Caress
Website: Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass

Episode IX, Resting On Our Laurels

Fat Robot Radio hits their stride and they round out the single digits with the sort of blockbuster show you’ve come to expect, as long as your expectations are low. This super sized installment (thirty extra seconds) brings you all the usual fare, plus a special appearance by popular A Capella group All Hands On Deck!

Discussed: Reissue CD’s, Phil Spector, Albums Under 45 Minutes, Record Review Service, All Hands On Deck, Manhood, Tony Answers a Question With a Mouthful of Beer, Brad’s Brush With Celebrity, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: David Turbow
Record: Gold Standard
Track: Piso Mojado
Website: Onset Records

Episode VIII, Overstaying Our Welcome

Brad Ben and Tony are back for season two of America’s favorite Podcast, and boy is it a doozy. There is a new segment, called Brad’s Brush with Celebrity, MR. SLAYER is back and drunker than ever, and the boys are in fine form, back fresh from their vacations, (or in some cases, back from Promises*).

Fat Robot Radio: Too Much of a Good Thing

Discussed: a lesson in prime numbers, attachment to TV show characters, TV shows on DVD, radio overkill, song retirement, record review service, Brads Brush With Celebrity, ball four, Mr Slayer answers your questions.


Artist: Supermercado
Album: Scary Baby
Track: Ditch Kitty
Website: darkstarrecords.com

*The Rehab to the Stars. I had to fall backwards into Ben Affleck’s arms. It builds trust or something.

Air Check

As the program is on its midsummer hiatus, this week we bring you this little tidbit from the vast Fat Robot Radio Audio Archives. Brad Bugos, one time radio professional, made a series of these air check tapes in various attempts to procure gainful employment in the broadcasting industry. Though it would seem that professional radio WAS NOT READY for the “Bugos Method” as it would later come to be called, the intrinsic skill of our very own Media Mad Scientist is apparent. Like Decca Records rejecting the Beatles, modern commercial radio proved themselves short sighted, wholly unable to detect the value of a scrappy young Bugos. Thankfully a great cultural tragedy was averted, as Bugos descended several miles underground to the super secret Fat Robot Laboratories, and as history will inevitably reflect, changed the face of modern broadcasting forever.

Episode VII, We Begin To Learn Impressive New Roman Numerals

This week marks the last episode for a few weeks, and it couldn’t be more explosive. Yes, true, Brad, Ben, and Tony babble on and on about the usual pop culture trivialities, but the real fun gets started in the second half of the show when the boys are joined by THIS WEEK’S VERY SPECIAL GUEST! Tantalized? I hope so.


Discussed: Reality TV, Ben’s Drunken Behavior, Harry Sheerer, The Day The Clown Cried, Record Review, Very Special Guest, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions

Record Review:

Artist: Castanets
Album: First Lights Freeze
Tracks: Evidence (A Mask Of Horizon, Distortion Of Form), No Voice Was Raised
Website: www.asthmatickitty.com

New Contest

Dave Jobless has an exciting new contest going on over at the Fat Robot Radio Myspace Site.
Here is the announcement:

Alright. Brad has given me the go ahead to give away some Zine/CD packs.  For three lucky people.  Here is what you have to do:

In Episode Five of Fat Robot Radio Podcast www.fatrobotradio.com  Ben, Brad and Tony discuss albums/CD’s that they purchased that made them almost want to quit buying music.  It didn’t of course.  There was one release by Ben Phillips that he bought and thought that he would like but didn’t.  He still has this bands CD.  What Band was it, and for extra junk, name the CD.

Email your responses to: Davejobless@gmail.com

I will pick three people, if we get that many or any for that matter.  I’ll email them back and get their contact info.  Thanks for listening to FRR and for taking the time to enter the contest.

What will you win? Copies of SLTM (going back as far as we have extra issues), CD’S, and much more.  We have a lot, so the three lucky winners will be drowned in free junk.

Fat Robot Radio: Buying Your Love

Episode VI, The Slide To Mediocrity Begins

This week Brad, Ben, and Tony celebrate their inauguration as America’s longest running Podcast* by doing what they do best. You guessed it: Talking about Pop Culture for about half an hour. Listen to the factual inaccuracies fly** as week six of Fat Robot Radio, America’s favorite Podcast***, goes on the air!

Discussed: Music Festivals, Claw Hands, Famous People We Know, Porn Names, Unscrupulous Autograph Hounds, Record Review Service, Web Sites we like, AMAZING CONTEST GIVEAWAY, Steve Jiff’s life is threatened, and Mr. Slayer answers your questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Sloppy Meat Eaters
Album: Conditioned By the Laugh Track
Track: Napoleon
Website: www.sloppymeateaters.com

Websites We Like:

Ben: Newsarama

Brad: Bob and David / Got Futurama

Tony: A bunch of filthy Porno sites too horrible to place in print fearing the placement of our site on some sort of insidious government list.

Contest Question: Where is Tony MF from?

Mail your contest answer to contest@fatrobotradio.com. Please put the words Contest Submission in the subject line. The first five correct answers received will win a prize package consisting of whatever we have laying around handy to send. You know. CD’s and stuff. Act fast!

*Not True

**Like the thing about being the world’s longest running Podcast.

***Also not true.

Episode V, An Incredible Occurrence

This week’s episode begins with a grizzly on air killing that results in a complex murder mystery that gets solved by the conclusion of the program. Which member of the Fat Robot Radio team is a psychopathic killer? Who uncovers the clues of the near perfect crime, and sees the killer brought to justice? Will the show, or the world, ever be the same again? Find out in this week’s heart stopping installment!*

Discussed: Competitors’ Podcasts, CDs That Almost Make You Want To Give Up On Music Entirely, Record Review Service, The Last Three Songs On An Album, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Sinks Of Gandy
Album: Trust=Damage
Song: Medication
Website: www.sinksofgandy.com

*None of this actually occurs. Episode five is totally normal episode, and is no way heart stopping. If you are experiencing heart trouble while listening to this weeks episode of Fat Robot Radio, please contact your local emergency services immediately. Please know that by listening you agree that any trauma incurred is in no way the responsibility of Fat Robot Radio, or its parent company CCC Globochemical Corporation. Enjoy the Show!

Episode IV, The Madness Continues

This week Brad, Ben, and Tony return to the studio for the first of four new shows. Has the wild success of the first three weeks gone to their heads? You bet. Has their experience behind the mic made them into highly qualified professionals, ready and able to deliver premium content to hungry internet listeners everywhere?


But listen anyway. They’ve got their hearts set on it.

Discussed: SLTM’s Last Review, The Indifference Of Local Media to Such Clearly Innovative Content, Steve Jiff of Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans on 106.3 FM REAL ROCK RADIO Racine is Publicly Slandered, Record Review Service, Rick Simms’ New Band, Mr. Slayer Answers Your Questions.

Record Review:

Artist: Chrome Pistola
Album: Information War
Track: Country Girl
Website: www.chromepistola.com

Fat Robot Radio is a Podcast. So it's not really "Radio" in the conventional sense, due to the fact that we do not broadcast anything over any of the public's airwaves. We PODcast, which I assume means that you can listen to the program on your IPod, though I understand that any conventional MP3 player will do. Also iPods aren't really a thing anymore. Anyway. Fat Robot Radio. Just listen, it's only a half hour or so, and what are you doing anyway.