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Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 Has Landed!

Hello.  I’m Brad Bugos, you may know me from such podcasts as SLTM (the Podcast) ,  Frank’s Beans , Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigan’s and Filthy Larry’s Dirty Jokes Podcast. What you may not know is that I started out here on Fat Robot Radio, eight years ago.  It’s been almost four years since Ben Phillips, Drop Girl Michelle, Tony Motherfucker and myself go together and recorded new episodes of this podcast.

Well, No longer. Here is episode 1 of our new podcast Fat Robot Radio Land. It’s a mixture of talk, comedy, and chat with a side order of “What the fuck?’. There are four episodes in Series 1 with Series 2 coming this summer. So enjoy these brand new episodes. Listen, Laugh, Love and Learn.

Thank you and Good Night

Brad Bugos – Co-Host of Fat Robot Radio Land

Fat Robot Radio Land Series 1 was written by Brad Bugos, Ben Phillips, Tony Motherfucker, and Drop Girl Michelle. Produced by Phil Chevron.