Tony MF

Tony MF’s Plog 

Words Of Wisdom From Tony MF

“I say that all the time” (The Phrase WORD TO YOUR

“How about this, I’ve got a hard on!” (phrases you
never hear)

“I’d like to see 15,000 people show up for this
bullshit” (A live FRR Podcast)

“Popular songs of the day usually suck”

“I prefer the album format anyway”

“I did that once too, at a strip joint” (burning my

“I can’t read so….” (Slightly drunk at the beginning
of Episode 15)

“I’ve Got a boner”

“Them whores can get their own food”

“If you took a poll anonymously of Cardinal Fans, they
would admit to masturbating to Albert Pujols hitting a

“I’ve got nothing negative to say, so I’m not going to

“You don’t get real news on the weekends. It’s all

“I ain’t loaded yet” (Ten minutes into Episode 14)

“This is going to be the shit” (Record Review Service
Candidate The SPINS)

“Oh Jesus Harold Christ!” (About Deep Blue Something)

“That’s worst than sucking, being boring”

“I think he’s talking about what he did last night
behind the Quizno’s”

“That was dull” (Also about Dave Sprenger and his song
BLUE on the REcord Review Service)

“I Felt them up a lot too” (Talking about his female
Halloween costume , with large breasts,he wore one

“I always go to the houses without the lights on”
(Talking about trick or treating as a kid)

“You can’t even buy a pack of Candy Cigarettes with
that” (Speaking about some lady handing out change on
Halloween instead of Candy)

“I would have pissed ho his front lawn” (Talking about
A Dentist on Ben’s Halloween route that gave out free
toothpaste and teeth cleanings)

“This is not a Poetry slam, GOD Damn!”

“Blood from a turnip, BITCH!”

“Kiss My Grits, Harry Shearer”

“Jack Osbourne is a Jackass”

“Yah, I’m Drunk”

“I would rather be the worst, than the second worst”

“I might have to tell you to suck my dick!”

“I can’t write, So I’ve got that going for me”

“I will not tolerate intolerance”

“I make all my decisions based on reviews”

“I’ve been too drunk to count to 40. Not forty ounces!”

“He’s the real webmaster” (talking about co-host Ben Phillips)

“He’s just phoning that in man”

“He’s like Aaron Spelling to me, Dead!”

“When I write lyrics, it’s like fuckin’ poetry man”

“Then don’t put it out, bitches!” (remark made about a record label complaining about a review we gave them in SLTM)

“He’s wearing a wig and playing Nudey camps” (Speaking about former Quiet Riot lead singer Kevin Debrow)

“It got me to stop buying those Quiet Riot albums” (Talking about QR’s second release Condition Critical)

“If it’s not THE WALL, fuck it. You’re doomed.”

“He’s got that FALL OUT BOY -fag haircut”

“They got all that fat OFFICE cash. FUCK EM’” (Speaking about how the Ricky Gervais show has gone from podcasting to video podcasting)

“I’ve got a tear in my pants”

“fuck Rich Little”

“It’s got to be brutual” (made about The Jerry Lewis movie that never got released, the Day the Clown Cried)

“Soon maybe, he just had a heart attack” (talking about Lewis himself)

“Lot of people lying down taking naps, people gazing at their shoes on stage” (talking about a band FRR reviewed and what their live show would be like)

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